A parent in the Accomack County Public School system in Virginia complained that two books were causing harm due to their racial slurs … those two books happen to be classics, Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Perhaps this parent missed it, but both of these books tackle racism and utilize the slurs as a means to show how things needed to change. You have to wonder if this same parent has issues with rap songs today that use plenty of slurs and are clearly not out there to educate young minds about the dangers of racism.

Political correctness is a dangerous foe to free thought and a learning mind. This parent isn’t just taking these two books from their student, but they’re taking them from all of the students …

Problem is we’ve coddled these folks for far too long and have given in over and over and over again when something or someone offended their delicate nature.

Huck Finn has been banned several times over the years, but to turn our heads from our past dooms us to repeat it. Twain was not just telling a story, he was pointing to a time in our history in the hopes that we would learn from it.

It would appear we haven’t learned much unfortunately.