When you think of Barbie there is clearly only ONE actress who could pull it off. Barbie is tall, thin, tan, elegant and graceful so obviously the actress who would best fit into those pink, plastic, high-heel shoes is Amy Schumer!

Wait, what? No.

No no no.

Vomit-inducing even. Awful. Whose bright idea was this anyway?

Sony. Psh. Sony has lost its ever-loving mind. Unless their live-action movie on Barbie is like an opposite thing where in real life Barbie is a chubby, angry, man-hating, not-funny comedienne who wears way too much blush and could stand to lose a pound or two.

Oh settle down, that’s not a fat joke, just the reality of Barbie. She is like UBER skinny … and Amy, well, she isn’t. *shrug*

Exactly. Any minute now, Jezebel is going to write some piece on the hate-filled Right and their unrealistic stereotypes of the perfect woman hating on poor Amy Schumer because she is going to play Barbie.

He was eating a Snickers bar.

Get in line.

We had a rather similar reaction ourselves.

Hell no, to the no no … Nope.


Or Seth playing Green Hornet … oh wait.