Remember how absolutely dismayed, shocked and disgusted Hillary and the Democrats were when Donald Trump suggested the election could be rigged? Let’s see, what did Hillary say … oh yeah.

“Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is rigged against him.”

Gee, that sounds sorta familiar these days.

Conspiracies indeed! And yet these same morons are happy to get behind Jill Stein’s bizarre recount mission … look at the numbers of Hillary voters who suddenly aren’t so horrified over the idea of a candidate refusing to accept the results of an election.

They’re dreaming. But it’s sorta funny to watch them try, especially Jill Stein considering she clearly hurt Clinton’s chances of winning the election.

WHOOHOO! Way to go, Green Party!

Yup, just like elections couldn’t be rigged when THEY THOUGHT they were going to win.

The election wasn’t rigged, snowflakes, Hillary just lost.

Merry Christmas.

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