Good gravy, does anyone complain as much as Michael Moore? Seriously, we would include most every Liberal and Socialist out there – the man can whine. First he was a Bernie guy, then he developed some weird fixation/fascination with Hillary and became her fangirl, or boy, sorry … and now he’s upset with Democrats in Congress keeping Nancy Pelosi.

Aka the old guard.

Aka the old gray mare.

Aka the dinosaur.

Aka Botox Betty. (we could do this all day)

Sounds like Michael Moore has been triggered by his own party.

To be honest we don’t blame him for being upset with Democrats for electing her again, they’ve done HORRIBLY under her leadership as evidenced in the number of elections the Democrats lost. So many seats, so many states … and what do they do to fix it? NOTHING. They elect the same ol’ crazy.

Thanks Democrats.


Yeah! No white guys!

These people.

And they wonder why they keep losing.

Think she may have missed the point, just a little.

And so on and so on … if you’re bored and enjoy reading a bunch of complaining and whining feel free to peruse his TL, because while Moore is whining about change, the others are whining about him.

Tough crowd.