Awww, it would seem poor John Leguizamo is upset that people are disagreeing with him on Twitter. Yeah, apparently if you don’t go along with his crazy you are a troll.

Leguizamo was so fussy he instituted new rules for Twitter … starve the trolls … which is hilarious because these people are trolls in a lot of cases themselves

Especially Keith Olbermann, hello? And Rosie? Hello hello.

Yes, this is grade school. The poor, delicate actors and famous types can’t deal with reality so when you disagree with them it’s trolling and they need a bubble … or safe space.

All of this being said, if Leguizamo and others don’t want to interact with people politically maybe don’t post things like this:

People are going to respond when you put yourself out there politically – so if you can’t deal with those responses, shut up and act. That goes for the other whiners listed on his tweet, like Judd Apatow:

You really think posting this won’t get you trolled? Again, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen … heh.

Oh, and of course the biggest whiner of them all, Rosie, is ‘in’ – even though last week she was humiliating Trump’s youngest son Barron and insisting he has autism. She may be the biggest troll of them all.

When will these folks figure out Americans are tired of them pretending they’re above everyone because they’re ‘famous?’

Perhaps our new rule should be don’t feed Hollywood.