Reportedly, Texas will prohibit hospitals and abortion clinics from just dumping aborted babies in the trash. Oh the horror. How dare they treat human beings with some dignity after they’ve passed.

This is a serious blow to pro-aborts who insist that the unborn aren’t alive or human because to treat them as such is a reminder that abortion is murder.

Look at that, MY GOD. This woman isn’t horrified that we massacre the innocent out of convenience, no no, she’s HORRIFIED because Texas wants to treat the aborted as human beings.

And of course Alyssa Milano and Martha Plimpton are both OUTRAGED that Texas would do such a horrible thing!

Look, she told on them.

Note: Martha Plimpton not only has the editor of this piece blocked, but she has Twitchy blocked as well. Pro-aborts are so sensitive. HA!

You really have to wonder if these people were dropped on their heads. How is it a bad thing to treat a human being who has died with some respect and dispose of their remains in that manner?

Shame on these people.