As with most things, people on the Left seem to need a history lesson when it comes to evil dictators like Fidel Castro. From Obama’s weird statement about history to Trudeau’s outright complimentary eulogy, it’s as if they really don’t understand who the man was.

Luckily Brit Hume is a giver, and he spelled it out bullet point by bullet point; feel free to share this with anyone you know who still thinks Fidel did great things because of socialism.

Yikes, right? Almost caused a nuclear holocaust, sponsored terrorism, killed a bunch of innocent people, condoned torture, stole property and money from his people, outlawed private enterprise … he was a real bastard.

But free healthcare or something!



They certainly do seem to idolize the oddest people. This one is exceptionally bad.

It is far more convenient to remember him for the things they think he did well, because to admit he was awful would be a drag … it proves socialism kills and destroys and we all know how much they love socialism.


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