Look y’all! Hollywood actors can do math … sorta.

One STRUGGLE. Because Mark is down with the struggle folks, it’s HARD to dress up like a muscular green guy with a bad temper and act in a movie once or twice a year for millions of dollars … he gets it.


And won’t back down from what? Feel free to hire as many people as you want, Mark, and pay them whatever you feel is appropriate.

Now now, don’t you dare put the responsibility on the EMPLOYEE … shame. We shouldn’t expect people to work harder for what they earn or change jobs if they don’t earn enough doing what they’re doing.

And besides, Ruffalo did math, man – cut him some slack.

Seems legit. Write a check, Mark.

It would seem Hulk feels that he should have something to say about everything in this world when most of us really just want him to shut up and act.

Math is hard.


Technically if Mark really wanted to help people in minimum wage jobs he would fight to do away with a law that allows any company to legally pay a minimum, which would in essence make corporations compete for talent and the employee wins.

But psh, it’s far easier to shake his green fist on Twitter and insist government do more.