This morning, after President-elect Trump sent out his somewhat controversial tweet about sending flag burners to jail or revoking their citizenship, the Left all but imploded.

Or maybe they exploded, it’s hard to tell with all of the screeching, whining and complaining … let’s just say they got upset. And sure, even some members of the Right were displeased with Trump’s tweet, but no meltdowns were quite as epic as Keith Olbermann’s.

Oh Keith, deep down we know you love this because your whole schtick is complaining and throwing temper tantrums, but this was even silly for you.

OH HE’S SO TOUGH! You have to wonder if Keith shook his little fist at his screen when he wrote this tweet. “Take that Donald!” Yeah! So empowered and stuff … and so stupid.

If he had taken just a moment before flying off the handle and writing something ridiculous he would have seen the massive coverage of Hillary Clinton co-sponsoring a bill of just this sort. We covered it.

And look … here’s some of the tweets about Hillary’s legislation to jail flag burners.

So does that mean Keith agrees with the right and Hillary should go to jail for being a dictator?

Repeat after us, Keith … LOCK HER UP.