You have to wonder if these Hollywood types have been paying ANY attention for the last eight or so years. Perhaps Rob Reiner missed it but we’ve been dealing with exactly the man he describes in this tweet for nearly a decade:

Under Obama our country has never been more divided, angry and ‘racist.’ And forget the fraud, greed, continuous lies (if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor) and the lack of interest in anyone but himself. Reiner could absolutely be describing Obama if he was actually objective and not a brainwashed Leftist with a proverbial stick up his backside.

He’s been melting down for days …

Wha? LOL. Surely he doesn’t mean the same MSM that has done everything it can to protect Obama and then everything it could to elect Hillary … oh, and we’re not a Democracy, Rob, just sayin’.

Someone please remind Rob that it was Obama who said the Constitution is a barrier.

No wonder Archie wasn’t overly fond of this ‘meathead.’