The unhinged, Leftist media has gotten so absolutely ridiculous they have begun to caricature themselves in an effort to prove THEY recognize racism in the Trump movement FIRST and more than ANYONE else. And the more outlandish and ridiculous the statements they make the BETTER because that proves they’re the most tolerant or something.

Oliver Willis is definitely in the running for the top ribbon in ‘Wow, did he REALLY say that?”

Like we said, wow, did he really say that? And he did.

Of course it’s not the first time Oliver has accused a rich old white person of white power … check out this shot/chaster from Stephen Miller.

So is Oliver saying the old white power was voting for Hillary Clinton but the new white power is voting for Trump? Or does he just accuse all white people he doesn’t agree with of being racists?

That would make him … racist? Maybe?

Gosh this gets so confusing because these daffodils say so many goofy and silly things, we’re never quite sure what they mean.

HA! Oh the irony.