As Twitchy reported earlier, Ohio State University was under lockdown due to an “active gunman” earlier this morning. Since that story broke it has become clear the suspect actually did not have a gun but used a knife and rammed a crowd with his truck.

Governor Kasich sent out his thoughts and prayers to the Ohio State community:

And as usual, gun grabbers who don’t pay attention to reality or facts were all up in arms that Kasich would DARE send prayers out to the community. Particularly nasty was Shannon Watts jumping to conclusions and attempting to use the situation as a means to push her anti-gun rhetoric.

Lesser known gun grabbers were also front and center screeching for gun control, over a knife attack. *eye roll*

Even though it sounds like no guns were involved … perhaps she should be asking for stricter knife laws?

Deeeeeerp. So much derp.

No fly no knife? Hrm … doesn’t quite work like their other nonsense.

So when do the Democrats stage a sit-in for knife control?


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