This morning when news broke about an “active shooter” on the Ohio State University campus YOU KNOW the Leftist gun-hating media was literally salivating over the spots they could run appealing for gun control, shaming Americans for wanting to hold on to their firearms and playing the “America is violent under Trump” card.

And shucky darn, there was no gun used so the poor, poor media will have no reason to lecture us about guns tonight.

We should really keep these sad media types in our thoughts and prayers, don’cha think?


It is indeed tragic. Perhaps they can run segments on how sad they are that they couldn’t run the original segments shaming Americans for owning guns?

Wouldn’t put it past them.

Because that’s ALL that matters, their narrative. Not the people wounded, not the motive … the narrative. How can they use this tragedy and exploit the situation politically.

And how can they raise money on it.