Maybe this breaking news reporter from Yahoo should consider waiting for all of the facts before writing a story about gun laws … after a knife attack. Yeah, the screeching about evil guns just doesn’t have the same “oomph” when the weapon used was not a gun.

Call us crazy.

Or maybe call her crazy?


Because somehow, someway the NRA made this 18-year-old Somali refugee MAD and so he grabbed a knife, got in his car and … yeah no, this isn’t working. Remember though, even though the gunman in Orlando admitted his actions were in the name of ISIS, gun-grabbing whiners blamed the NRA.

It’s what they do, even when there’s not a gun apparently.


The media has literally shot themselves in the foot (pun intended), whether it’s to be the first to report something or the best at exploiting a situation, no one takes them seriously anymore.


Anything NOT to blame the actual criminal. Adorable.

It could happen.