It’s no secret George Takei won’t be sending Trump a Christmas card this year, clearly the man is not a fan of the president-elect. That being said, if Takei is going to endlessly complain about Trump, specifically about the Stein recount effort, he needs to at least attempt to be consistent … otherwise we’ll be forced to make fun of him.

On second thought, go ahead Sulu, stay inconsistent.

For example, on November 25, Takei tweeted this about the recount:

Then two days later he tweeted this:

Ok George, make up your mind.

Either it does bother Trump or it doesn’t, you can’t play both sides of this. First you ranted because Trump said nothing and then you ranted because he reacted … at least admit he can do NOTHING right in your eyes.

They do that.

Shocking? Maybe.

Illogical? Definitely.

If Hillary had won and Trump challenged the results, Takei would be ranting about how Trump wasn’t listening to the will of the people or something. Consistency and integrity mean nothing, he’s far more concerned with his agenda and narrative.