Most parents celebrate every month of their kiddo’s first year, this is not unique or odd, and Ivanka Trump is no exception and posted her son Theodore’s photo on his eight-month birthday.

Again, something a lot of moms and dads do … look at that face!

DARLING right? Even if you’re not a Trump supporter you have to admit, this is one cute baby boy.

Unless of course you’re the hateful, perpetually-pissy Left and then you use this poor little baby to attack his mother and his grandpa.

Keep it classy.

Actually it can be, ask any mom or dad and they’ll likely tell you they “celebrated” every single month of that first year.

You know this gal is a lot of fun at birthday parties, right? Charming.

The tolerant Left … clearly they love women.


Wow. IT’S A BABY, you troglodyte.

Months and months telling the world how mean Trump is, and this is how they react to a proud mom posting a photo of her baby.

And they wonder WHY they lost?