Shame on Rosie O’Donnell for going after Trump’s youngest son, Barron. Oh she says she was trying to raise awareness about Autism but this is unacceptable. Who does she think she IS diagnosing a young boy and doing so ON SOCIAL MEDIA in front of MILLIONS of people.

What a HYENA.

Kids are OFF LIMITS, Rosie. You should know better.

Awful. Just because you’re a parent of a child with a disability that does NOT mean you have the right to go out and “diagnose” other children, especially on social media.

Yeah, no degree. And sorry but moms don’t behave this way.

Everyone knows she didn’t post this to be kind, she was trying to hurt Trump. And she was not above using his youngest son to do so.


Twitter was fairly pissed off at Rosie for using the young boy who didn’t ask for any of this.

Her hate is consuming her, as she consumes a bunch of other things apparently.

Perhaps she should take a break from social media if she’s willing to embarrass and humiliate a young boy for her agenda.

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