Ok, so Bon Appétit tweeted about a different way to make a potato and referenced it as the “alt-right potato”.

And we thought it was funny, especially since if you’re on Twitter you can’t help but know what the alt-right is and c’mon, any time another group makes a dig at the media? DISCO.

But apparently someone got their knickers in a twist so they deleted their tweet and apologized for it.

Here is the original tweet.

IT’S FUNNY. Right?

But somewhere, someone got all fussy about it so they pulled it down.

Like Lachlan said, this is why we can’t have nice things.

When will people lighten up already? Sheesh.

As a society we’re so worried about not offending one another that we are losing our sense of humor and our ability to openly communicate. Deleting a tweet about an alt-right potato?