Since the election, we have seen “random” photos of Hillary posing with everyday people as she does everyday things … and of course none of these photos were arranged and were totes spontaneous.

Yeah right.

Heh. Hillary sightings are the new clown sightings, but scarier.

We’re going to see Hillary popping up in forests and outside playgrounds.

How can you tell the difference?


Oh look, Hillary is just like everybody else, she does her own grocery shopping even. Although looking at her eyebrows and her obvious lack of makeup, maybe this one wasn’t staged?

Nah, we’re just kidding. Although to be honest, if we saw Hillary like this in our local grocery store we might not recognize her from the other cranky old ladies squeezing the apples.

BOO! Right?

Halloween is over, someone let Hillary know, would ya’?

Well, she does need a job.

Don’t even kid about that.

Of course these random Hillary sightings are nothing new. Twitchy covered another “spontaneous” photo right after Hillary lost the election:

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