For YEARS the Left has been insisting voter fraud does not exist; every time a Republican tries to work on Voter ID the Democrats come screeching out of their cave accusing them of trying to OPPRESS VOTERS and other such nonsense. And they always always always claim there is no such thing as voter fraud.

But now that they’ve lost the election?

A group of computer scientists and lawyers claim there are issues in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania … so apparently when the Democrats lose voter fraud COULD be an issue? *eye roll*

Remember how Hillary and the Left SHAMED Trump for saying he may not accept the results if he lost?

Oh the hypocrisy is thick on the Left … but what else is new?

Of course the Left is also saying voter fraud and election fraud are different things (reeeeeally?) but that doesn’t stop us all from laughing at them and their horrible, no-good, very BAD election.