Since Trump’s decisive win over two weeks ago, the Left has continued to blame everything and everyone (except themselves) for Hillary’s loss. Of course the fact that Clinton won the popular vote just dumps gasoline on their silly little fire so they have doubled down on the EVIL Electoral College without really understanding it’s purpose and why the Founding Fathers built our republic the way they did.

Silly Vox.

Wrong. So wrong.

The Electoral College doesn’t care what color you are, your sex, your persuasion or even how you worship. All the Electoral College does is keep largely populated areas from controlling the country and the people we elect. It also makes sure the voice of a rancher in Wyoming is as important as some underwater basket weaver in New York. And granted, Democrats like to pretend we’re a Democracy, which is mob and majority rule but we are in fact a Republic, which protects the minority.

They don’t seem to get that.

Exactly. If we allowed the popular vote to determine our elections, California, New York and Texas would always pick our leaders … and considering there are actually 50 states that doesn’t exactly seem fair, right Lefties?

C’mon, you guys love this “fair crap”, you talk about it all of the time.

Gold star for the ‘Mean Girls’ reference.

Your color has no bearing on your vote in America. So again, Electoral College is not racist and it does not magnify the power of white voters.

All it does is level the playing field, ya’ big babies.

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