We’ll just add this to the, “things you would never say to Donald Trump’s face” column that we started over the last couple of weeks since he won the presidency. Lots and lots of tough Leftists have been talking a great deal of smack at and about President-elect Trump, most of which you know they wouldn’t have the courage to say in person.

Like this little nugget:

Pete Davidson, a 23-year-old comic whose brains clearly aren’t entirely engaged with the rest of his body just yet, tweeted this response to Trump’s criticism that Saturday Night Live is biased.

Guess the truth hurts.

When you stop losing your sense of humor about things, as a comedian, you stop being funny. He is far too young to be so bitter and cynical … and again this wasn’t even a funny response.

Can you imagine if one of the actors had said this about or to Obama?! He or she would have already been fired.

And that’s the last thing you want to hear when you are a comedian … that you’re sad.