Bernie Sanders gets it.

Dear God that was painful to write, but it’s true.

He understands it takes more than a vagina to run the free world, and simply pandering to other people who happen to have vaginas isn’t the way to win an election.

It’s not enough to say I’m a woman so vote for me.

Where was THIS during the election, Bernie? Oh that’s right, the DNC cheated you out of your possible nomination because it was Hillary’s turn.

Because she’s a woman.

As you can imagine, the delicate flowers on the Left who thrive on identity politics weren’t exactly thrilled with Bernie:

Umm … really? Hillary NEVER fell back on gender. Has this person been living under a rock?


Bernie says this is why you keep losing, he’s right, but you go ahead and double down on identity politics. Yeah, keep it up but don’t complain when you never win a national election again.

Oh these delicate snowflakes … ha ha ha.

You get the point. The Left attacked him for being honest about a campaign that relied far too heavily on the vagina vote and lost.

Let’s all hope they keep it up.

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