Would someone please remind Sally Kohn her horse lost? Thanks.

Where are these magical polls that say Americans agree with identity politics? And please, Mother Jones, Slate and Think Progress do NOT count. In fact, if you were to go up to someone on the street and ask them their opinion on identity politics they’d probably stare at you like you have hammers coming out of your ears.

Or at least a booger on your chin. (hey, it happens)

Everyday Americans have no idea what Sally is babbling about, and that’s ONE of the reasons the Left lost.

Problem is the Left is clueless about normal, everyday people. Over the last week we have seen them blame racism, sexism and most recently rural America for Hillary’s loss. They’re throwing spaghetti at the proverbial wall and hoping it sticks, they really can’t figure out that they are their own worst enemy.

Which is great for Republicans, but we digress.

NO. A proven winning agenda for all is the government to see us as individuals, as Americans, and ignore the bits and pieces that far too many people focus on. Stop worrying about sex, skin color and persuasion and start looking at what the federal government can do to leave Americans ALONE.

That’s all we really want, Sally.

Maybe lecture less, listen more.

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