Hey guys, anyone who wants to replace Nancy Pelosi is a sexist. Just an FYI.

Ian says so.

An obscure MALE backbencher, gosh Ian, that’s harsh. What, you’re not going to point out he’s an evil white guy too?

Tim Ryan has been in office for 13 years, he’s younger, he’s less establishment, uses far less Botox and has fresher ideas for a party that is dying. Did you see what happened to the Democrats this year? Painful. It’s clear Democrats are tired of cranky old ladies who think they know what’s best for the party when they don’t.

But sure, it’s sexism for anyone to want to challenge Pelosi.


Republicans of course love this idea because Pelosi (and other Democratic dinosaurs) is killing the party. With her in any semblance of authority the Democrats have had years and years of legislative losses.

Thanks y’all, keep it up.


Shhhh woman. Don’t you know speaking out against Pelosi is sexist?! Even if you’re a woman … oh wait, is that how this sexism thing works? It’s all so confusing.


There ya’ go. Tenure means nothing, and in government, it means even less. Resting on your years of service versus what you’ve actually done for the country is not a winning strategy.

Ask Hillary.

Time for a change.

Even Obama said so … eight years ago.