It would appear actor Brandon Victor Dixon of “Hamilton” has had a … bumpy couple of days on Twitter after he lectured VP-elect Mike Pence. And let’s face it, no matter how you try and spin this (Lefties) what he did was rude, and the show was neither the time nor the place to do such a thing.

Even though Mike Pence was a class act about the incident, Donald Trump didn’t take it lightly and tweeted his disappointed in their behavior.

Brandon was quick to defend himself, calling his speech a conversation, without understanding how a conversation actually works.

S.E. Cupp is spot on. Maybe Brandon missed it but in a conversation at least two people are involved. What he did was lecture Pence, and he should apologize for that. Sure, what he said probably resonated with a lot of people, but his timing and placement sucked.

Maybe just focus on singing and dancing, Brandon. This whole conversing thing doesn’t seem to be your strong point.