After the cast of “Hamilton” singled out VP-elect Mike Pence during a performance and embarrassed him (because no matter how you try and paint it, that’s what they did), Donald Trump called for them to apologize. Now whether or not you agree with Trump’s decision on this, the idea that by asking for an apology he is somehow squashing dissent is just melodramatic hogwash.

Which we know, is the bread and butter of the Left but still …

OH NO! Trump asked for an apology because a bunch of smug actors thought it was appropriate to target and shame his VP. Gosh, that seems so unreasonable.

Speaking of unreasonable though …

Ouch, and yes. Seems a president actively using an agency to harm those who disagree with him, in essence weaponizing the IRS, would be a bit more intimidating and would be “squashing dissent.” Maybe? Oh yeah, and how much did Obama trash Fox News?

In other words, get your panties out of a wad, New York Times AND “Hamilton” cast, all he did was ask for an apology.

Let us know when the IRS comes after you, then we’ll talk.

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