Seems most everyone has an opinion on what the ‘Hamilton’ cast did to VP-elect Mike Pence, from the media to Hollywood to the President-elect himself. But what did Pense have to say?

He gets it. And what a perfect response, especially to the whiners on the Left who are suddenly so worried about the First Amendment. They didn’t say much when Obama was targeting people who disagreed with him with the IRS, but OH MY GOD, Republicans might take away their right to complain? If the Left couldn’t complain they would likely explode so when you look at it that way, it makes sense.


True enough. Modern-day politics are tough and we the people can be fickle; it takes a thick skin and a spine of steel to be where these people are politically.

And a lot of money, but that’s another article.

Not something you’ve heard much about in the last eight or so years, someone being a decent man. Decency has gone out the door because psh, being decent is SO boring.

Painful. And all too true unfortunately as many people have not agreed with Trump’s reaction to the incident. Granted, what we have noticed is Trump is protective of his circle and who knows if he would react the same way if this had been him in the audience. Odds point to yes but we’re trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Seems far too many in America have forgotten what dignity and class look like.