As Twitchy reported, Mick Pence took a selfie (and his selfie stick was WAY longer than Obama’s) with the House Republicans to show unity within the party because this election has been very divisive.

Of course after Pence posted the photo, Democrats (smug Leftists) went on a bitch-fest complaining that it was just a bunch of white people … they also called it the whitest selfie of all time.

Perhaps someone should explain to these people what racism really is, they seem confused.

And racist.

S.E. Cupp was having none of it

Pow. Bam. Boom. Whatever other Batman sound effect you can imagine should follow this tweet.

Awww, another famous selfie, one these same Democrats likely shared all over the place and told their friends about. Can you imagine their chats at Starbucks over that selfie?

“OMG Ellen Degeneres is a freakin’ GENIUS. Oh hey, are you cutting down on lactose too? Makes me SOOOO farty and bloaty.”


They’re awful at looking inside, they are far too busy looking outside and judging others. It’s what they do.


Yeah, that’s it.