The Left loves to ruin holidays. It’s what they do. For now they’ll start posting all of these cutesie yet stupid illustrations and videos about how smart people can deal with their dumb uncles who voted for Trump at Thanksgiving dinner.

This is so played out and stupid … but that doesn’t stop Sally Kohn and the rest of Democrats from doing it.

Just wait until they start complaining about people saying Merry Christmas, that’s usually their follow-up act to the smug Thanksgiving jokes.

This year it appears Sally has upgraded her cartoon from surviving Thanksgiving to having a productive meal; notice the blue figure is acting like a maniac.


Maybe she learned something from the last election? That yelling and screaming and shaking your fists at people isn’t a good way to appeal to them?


To the Left, holidays are a perfect time to nag, humiliate and complain about politics. Meanwhile the rest of us just want to eat pumpkin pie and watch football (and nap!).

And THEN we eat pumpkin pie, right?