On Wednesday evening, Sarah Silverman went on an EPIC and ridiculous tirade about how Trump winning was like the Great Depression for her. Here’s the tweet again:

Silverman caught a great deal of flack for her nonsense, many people angry that she would imply her body is breaking down when there are literally people who go through that actual physical pain every single day. And please, they’ve been crying and complaining about this nonsense for over a week now … time to move on.

Interestingly enough, Silverman must have missed the women telling her this was wrong because in typical feminazi style, she said only straight, white men were upset with her.

Not sure how she could tell all of the men were white or straight but we digress.

More importantly she failed to mention she muted or blocked most women who had issues with her tweet … like Dana Loesch.

Don’t know about you guys but we’re pretty sure Dana Loesch is a chick … convenient how Silverman cherry picks this particular truth, one that supports her ignorant narrative.

No judgment, just noticing!

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