Oh sad, angry, hairy-legged Leftist womyn (yes, we spelled it this way on purpose), it’s time for you to get over yourselves.


In the last week so many of you have shamed women who voted for Trump, going so far as to claim “misogyny won.” Did it ever occur to you that women voted for Trump because Hillary was just that awful and no amount of her reminding us she had a vagina made that any better? Unlike Leftist womyn, most conservative women do not vote based on whether or not a candidate has the same parts as we do …

Yesterday, Law professor Mary Anne Franks (who seems to also be a go-to for Vox editors) shared a story on Twitter from Vox by Emily Crockett (who covers “gender issues”) called, “Why Misogyny Won,” as a means to shame women who voted for Trump.

As you can imagine, Twitter wasn’t exactly receptive of her judgement and she faced a little backlash; her response was to mock and attack others, block them and ultimately lock her account. That’s why we can’t link directly to her comments.

The old saying goes, “don’t start none, won’t be none.” So maybe if you can’t defend your stance keep your mouth shut. Maybe? Just an idea.

Only a feminist could share a Vox article in hopes of shaming other women and then play victim when it didn’t work out for them.

Ultimately some people who called Franks out ended up SUSPENDED on Twitter, including women.

So that begs the question, which women exactly resent “other women?” You don’t see conservative women writing horrible pieces about the Leftists, shaming them, calling them names and making wild accusations.

C’mon womyn, time to grow up a little and accept it takes more than a vagina to lead the free world.

Editor’s note: This article was written by a woman so sorry feminists, you can’t blame the patriarchy this time.