Trump’s lucky John Kerry didn’t send James Taylor to sing to him about climate change. That’s when you know he’s SUPER serious about something.

But he did talk tough to Trump … say that five times fast.

At the COP-22 conference on climate change in Marrakech, Morocco, Kerry whined … er… said, “No one has a right to make decisions that affect billions of people based on solely ideology or without proper input.”

Kerry continued, “Anyone who has these conversations, who takes the time to learn from these experts, who gets the full picture of what we’re facing — I believe they can only come to one legitimate decision, and that is to act boldly on climate change and encourage others to do the same.”

Upon hearing this bit from Kerry, Trump laughed, a lot.

Ok, we don’t know that he laughed but odds are he laughed because well, most people do when Kerry tries to talk tough about anything.

That would at least be productive.

Psh, Kerry has “people” to do that for him. He has Heinz money.

We need to find a James Taylor song we can play for John as he exits the White House … any ideas?

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain?