It has been reported that 22 veterans take their own lives, every day.

Curtis Gearhart, a 32-year-old veteran who served two tours in Iraq, after having been told he would have to wait weeks and weeks for treatment by the VA, tragically decided to take his own life on Monday, November 7.

Two months ago, Gearhart went to the VA because of recurring headaches. Apparently he previously had a tumor and was worried about it; the VA told him it would be five to six weeks.


This is unacceptable. Our men and women in uniform who serve this great country deserve better than to be put on a waiting list.

Valesca Stevens, his girlfriend, said, “They send these soldiers over so young to fight these wars and then they don’t live up to their promises of taking care of them when they come home.”

Gearhart was uncomfortable going to an outside provider because he was afraid it would cost too much.

Our vets should never be put in this position, their care should come FIRST.

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