Protesters attacked the vehicle of a pregnant woman as she tried to get to the emergency room. They shattered her windshield (with either a bat or a fist); watch the footage:

The reporter says she is visibly upset … well no joke. Ya’ think? The poor lady is just trying to get medical care and her vehicle is attacked for it because Leftists are big babies who think this somehow proves they care about this country.

Not a horrible idea.

Tolerance. These people wouldn’t know tolerance if it fell out of the sky, landed on their faces and started to wiggle.

Who attacks a pregnant woman?

Oh yeah, never mind.

Something like that.

And where are Hollywood big mouths? Shouldn’t they be calling out behavior, maybe even telling the protesters to stop. Even Donald Trump said if his supporters were involved that they should stop …

Oh yeah, they’re busy trying to leave voicemails for Paul Ryan, hiding in their beds and crying on Twitter. They don’t have time to actually do anything.