Seems Ben Shapiro has been banned by DePaul University from speaking about … campus tolerance.

No, we’re not making that up … because nothing says tolerance like banning speech.

Let’s hope he speaks anyway because c’mon, how can the university pretend to care about tolerance when it blocks someone like Shapiro from speaking. Probably not the smartest move folks, just sayin’.

How about the students who don’t want to hear Shapiro speak just do something else? Is a ban really necessary?

Yes, we’ll all be watching today to see what comes of Shapiro’s “appearance” at DePaul.

Actually this is the definition of LIBERAL these days – agree with them and they love you and support you. Disagree with them and they block you and ban you.

Remember what they did to Milo?

It IS going to be fun. Either way Shapiro wins – if they keep him from speaking he can talk about it on his show and in media for days, and if he gets to speak, double win.

Likely the only people who don’t see the irony in this are at DePaul University.

Bingo. If you want to see what happens throughout the day, watch this footage. We will update as we are able as well!

Get your popcorn.