Donna Brazile is trying REALLY hard to figure out why Trump beat Hillary. She can’t accept that her own party didn’t show up to vote for her candidate, so instead of admitting her candidate sucked, she is trying to put the blame on something, anything else.

And luckily the New York Times is going through something similar so they provide her with plenty of material to share in defense of her lame ideas.

Like this:

Poor people would have voted for Hillary if ONLY the lines hadn’t been so long! LONG LINES ARE OPPRESSING THE POOR!


Not sure Donna or the New York Times actually understand what a poll tax is. Waiting in line to vote is not a poll tax, it is a reality of living in a very congested, urban area which coincidentally MANY Democrats run.

You’d think being a Democrat she would not only understand that, but work to change it.

Instead, she talks nonsense and calls it something it’s not.

And therein lies the real bugger, Donna. No one trusts the Democrats anymore, not even your own base.

Should there be an argument for a paid holiday for voting? Or should Americans do what they need to do to ensure they can vote?

It is a crock, and she knows it.