Even if you weren’t an ardent Trump supporter, if you are a member of the Right in any way, or a Libertarian or Bernie supporter, you are likely enjoying the Left’s absolute MELTDOWN over the past week.

It’s been popcorn-worthy.

Sinfully delicious indeed. And Hella fun to watch.

Don’t feel too badly for enjoying this, Mr. Woods, they have earned every bit of it.

Many people have said that we are dealing with the participation trophy generation; a bunch of people who don’t know what it’s like to actually compete and when they lose, they go mental.

And God knows we could all use a little fun after that crazy election.

Great analogy. Heh.

Only if you feel guilty about it and honestly not many of us do.

We have all become political geeks, enjoying things like this. It’s sorta like the Super Bowl, but more meaningful and with less cheerleaders.