Democrats have started posting personal contact information for members of the electoral college as a means of supposedly contacting them and asking that they not vote for Trump.

Many see this though as a form of doxing, which is a practice of posting someone’s personal information on social media as a means to intimidate and silence them.

Or get them to vote how you want.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-11*We removed the original tweet because there was information listed in the actual tweet. The last time we checked the tweet is still there.*

This person tagged HUGE accounts like Lady Gaga and Cher in hopes that they would perhaps share this information, which is terrifying. Would you want your phone number plastered all over one of the biggest social media giants, in the world?

Some folks took to reporting the tweet to Jack and support, in hopes of getting the information taken down.

And while the tweet only says to ask them not to vote for Trump, it’s hard not to worry that someone on the Left (who has been setting fires and throwing rocks at cops) might use this list in a very negative and dangerous way.

Embarrassing indeed.

And endangering Americans, all in the name of their weird idea of Democracy.