Hollywood. You’re so adorable.

And by adorable we mean annoying, out of touch, smug and disappointing – that includes you, Joss Whedon.

When Trump won the election the American people elected him, this was not about “allowing” him to be president.

It’s so simple Joss is too dense to get it. In America our elected (key word) officials serve at the will of the people, and that will was Donald Trump.

Suck it up, Whedon.

Silly, they only support a “Democracy” when it works to THEIR advantage.

But it’s simple, man.

LOL. Sorry … just the idea of Hollywood attempting a coup. Oh, our sides … it hurts

L. Freakin’ O. L.

Now now, don’t confuse Whedon with how the system ACTUALLY works, he’s too busy shaking his fist at the system he didn’t bother to really understand in the first place.


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