For months, Hillary Clinton went on and on about how she was working to “shatter that glass ceiling” of being the first female president; in fact it may have been one of her main talking points other than, “TRUMP BAD.” Ironically the person who helped Trump win the presidency, Kellyanne Conway, is the one who really shattered that glass ceiling.

First female campaign manager to win an election. BOOM. Oh Hillary, maybe you should sit down with Kellyanne, you might learn a thing or two about shattering glass ceilings for real.

A real role model for women doesn’t have to tell women she’s a role model. Sorta like that old saying from Margaret Thatcher, if you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re not. Hillary was determined to make sure we all knew SHE WAS this amazing role model.


You know the fact that a woman helped Trump win drives Hillary insane … just an added benefit of Kellyanne shattering that glass ceiling.