Poor Michael Moore. He just can’t seem to come to terms that his candidate was so unpopular people chose a dead gorilla over her. But what else should we expect from a mewling, sniveling, tantrum-pitching toddler-man?

Don’t answer that.

Apparently even pop culture is upsetting his delicate nature. Poor little snowflake.

Because Americans who disagree with Moore are scarier than dead people walking around eating brains … sure. Get a grip.

D’oh! Now those are two things that really ARE scarier than the walking dead. Giant government controlling our lives, every aspect of it. No thanks.

One of the reasons, absolutely. People got tired of the constant bellyaching and so they voted against it. Sadly the bellyachers can’t quite move on and accept it.


Drama queen is too busy drama’ing, he won’t have time to actually work on the country with the rest of us because he would rather sit on the sidelines and complain about it.