Chappelle may have given one of the best monologues ever seen on Saturday Night Live …


He addressed the Trump win in a smart, funny and classy way.

“I am wishing Donald Trump luck. I am going to give him a chance.”

Just. Awesome.

And far more grown up than 99.999999999999% of the Left.

The piece about watching “white people riot in Portland, OR” is genius. He jokes about black people sitting at home and critiquing their efforts … it was really smart.

Chappelle is one of the most underrated comedians of our time, and yes, one of the best. And sure, he said we elected an internet troll but even the Trump supporters would agree with this … it’s one of the reasons many people voted for him.

America needed to hear this, and America needed to laugh.

Yes, thank you, Dave Chappelle.