The Democrats should listen to Shapiro … but we all know they won’t.

Aww c’mon, you mean factory workers losing their jobs right and left aren’t totes won over by celebrities crying about Donald Trump? Dunno about you but nothing makes us feel better about tens of millions of Americans out of the work force like watching Miley Cyrus cry hysterically on video.

Oh wait.

Right? Forget that people need work and are in debt, Beyonce can sing and dance and has pretty hair. WOOT WOOT!

Bingo. Which tells you how little the Democrats actually know about the working class. For decades they have been claiming they are the party of the middle and working class, and yet they use Hollywood elite and the top 1% to campaign and appeal to people. Maybe the middle class finally woke up?

Oh the Oscars will be DELICIOUS.

And there’s this point. There were a good many Republicans who were anxious about voting for Trump but did so as a last resort … this behavior has validated their votes and made them feel positive about them even.

The Left is uniting the Right. Gosh guys, thanks.

Her focus was clearly not on the working class … that being said, don’t think we needed WikiLeaks to know that. It was just fun to see it in writing.

And seriously, when you’ve lost those people to a guy posing in front of a golden elevator?