For weeks building up to the election, the Left preached love over hate, and how a President Trump would do HORRIBLE things to the people of America. They were cocky, and sanctimonious and now they’re having to eat crow because their demagogue lost.

And what do all good Leftists do when they have a sad? Riot of course.

Ben Shapiro knocked it out of the Twitter ballpark, and slammed the rioters in a most spectacular way, in three tweets:

No one has ever accused them of being smart, or making sense, Ben. But the irony is thick here. They’re so terrified of violence under Trump that they are violent.

Seems legit.

Bingo. Odds are maybe 10% of these rioters actually bothered to vote. Either they were so confident in their queen winning that they didn’t think it was important OR they were too lazy to actually be part of the process and ultimately would rather just destroy and burn things because they’re are zombies.

And act like children.

Can’t do that because then they’d actually have to take part in something that doesn’t involve flames, screaming and shaking fists. Doubtful there would be much interest from the snowflakes in actually doing something proactive and worthwhile.

Plus then they’d have to admit they’re too lazy to vote.