Babs is having a tough couple of days … she seems a little, despondent? Sad? Maybe she should sing more and tweet less.

But by God she’ll try and write a bunch of stuff anyway because nothing pleases her more than the sound of her own voice … or the words of her own tweets.

Awwww, see, people are helpful.

Look, they’re even sending her pictures of happy people laughing.



Another tweet on her timeline is a meme of obnoxious and cherry-picked-facts that are easily debunked if you are actually in any way familiar with reality.

Babs has convenient information that serves her silly agenda. She leaves out that most wars have been under Democrats, that Bill Clinton had plenty of opportunities to perhaps prevent 9/11 and of course conveniently forgets who the president was DURING a large part of the great depression.

But yeah, we’d just bum Streisand out with reality.

And as it is, she seems sorta triggered.