Only truly evil, disgusting, cowardly, low human beings would attack a dog over Donald Trump.

Schwartz was just walking his dog. That was his only crime, and thugs attacked the animal.

Poor baby. Who DOES this to an animal? A defenseless, innocent animal who had NOTHING to do with Donald Trump being elected president was beaten and kicked and had things thrown at it.

Peaceful protest our foot.

That’s why they’re rioting. They’re terrified things will change in 2017 and they’ll have to pay for their own healthcare among other things – their gravy train will be done. And that makes them angry enough to hurt an animal.


Oh so the solution is that he shouldn’t leave his home … it’s not that people should stop being violent thugs, it’s that he should be held captive in his home while they destroy his community.

Sure, seems legit.


Convenient eh? Changing their headline. Even they had to admit these weren’t just protests, these were epic temper tantrums often referred to as RIOTS.

This classic from January reminds us all EXACTLY who was out there rioting last night.

Get it together, rioters. Er, Lefties.