Last night sane Americans watched as morons across the country rioted like children having a temper tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted. Sure, they called it “protesting” but let’s be honest, protesting doesn’t include setting things on fire and looting businesses.

The Left never has been able to figure that out.

And this is not a new development, check out this footage from the Reagan era on how he dealt with “sniveling, left-wing punks’ that Michelle Malkin posted.

Talk about a “throwback.” Seems the Left has been a perpetual crybaby for decades. Imagine if Hillary had won and the right behaved in this manner? They’d accuse us all of being rednecks and racists and not respecting the country … you know they would. But since it’s them throwing the tantrum, they compared it to the Boston Tea Party.

Not making this up.

He did. And he was fair in how he governed. If Trump can balance his “fire” with a little bit of Reagan we may be onto something.

Ha! Only two more months. *counts down the days*

Many Americans can clearly relate.