This tweet from election night illustrates perfectly how absolutely blind Sally Kohn is when it comes to even her own movement. Fast forward 24 hours, after Trump HANDEDLY won the election … what did Hillary supporters actually do?

Oh yeah, they cried. But they also rioted and threw epic temper tantrums across the country in what many have deemed the #TrumpProtest. Sane Americans know it was actually a riot but hey, Lefties will be Lefties.

Could she BE any more wrong? Wait, she might take that as a challenge, never mind.

HA! Sally was so wrong on this she went to right and then back around to wrong … that absolutely incorrect. Impressive.

That person is clearly just crying and standing by the burning car to stay warm.


She should probably avoid playing the lottery, yeah.

Tremendous amounts of butthurt … some “protesters” even saying people would have to die, that America elected a bigot … just stupid nonsense. And what’s most annoying is Democrats didn’t turn out to vote, they stayed home in RECORD numbers. Obama had 10 million (yes million) more votes in 2012 than Hillary did in 2016.

Face it, she just sucked.

They call that a flaming protest or something …

Spirit fingers? No wait, solidarity?