Talk about a perfect and clever tweet at the near-end of a crazy, harsh and nasty election.



Maybe? No? *tough crowd*

Ok, we should leave the jokes to Dolly, our bad.

Imagine a President Parton. There would be good music, fun parks, delicious southern food, a sense of family … it would rock.

Someone try and convince her to run while we still have time.

And God knows we could all use some laughs today.

Dolly/Dolly 2016. Wait, who would be a good VP? We’re thinking maybe a Condi Rice? Or how about Burt Reynolds?

Psh, silly. We can’t have common sense in our elections, this is America for pete’s sake.

Parton Utopia! Hah.

But of course. Isn’t that what all people say when asked who they’d vote for? Would be so much better if our first female candidate was Dolly Parton and not Hilldawg.


She does indeed.